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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Do's

We finally got around to having Chels (our resident hair expert!) give the girls their back to school hair-do's. Man - after a summer of lots of chlorine and sunshine we were due. The hardest one to keep moderately healthy is my poor Kassidy. She came into this world with no hair and hasn't grown a ton since. This would be my husband's fault. All of the genetics point in that direction. I love her cute little pixie hair cut but she is wanting to grow it out. The problem is - it naturally grows into a mullet if I do that. Her hair on top does not want to grow. We gave it a pretty good trim and cute Chels worked forever on getting all of those yucky ends off. Our solution to her crazy hair is to put lots of very expensive hair product on it. Nano works and some other stuff that I can't pronounce let alone spell! Well - her hair does feel so much better and yes- we still got some pig tails in this morning. Saydi wanted the same haircut but with swoopy bangs. Again - our hair expert hooked her up. Then Jordyn decided she needed a haircut because it just seemed like the right thing to do. They all turned out great! Except for Trav, poor guy. We took too long doing the girls hair and Chels had to journey on to Weiser. That really is a place. I have no idea who thought up that name! Here are the results. I should have done before and afters but you know - who would have thought of that?

There are no pictures here of my Kendi. Two reasons - she didn't get a back to school haircut because she is only 2. Although we did give her a pretend one. Second - until she decides to let me do her hair I am boycotting all pictures. Just kidding - sort of!


Sarah Stokes said...

Gorgeous!! Elise you are so crazy - at least Kendi has hair, Brynlee has the hair of a 6 month old seriously, it is so short, whispy all over and ratty all the time.. Your family looks great, are you loving having just one at home?

Emily said...

You are hilarious. You know what they say: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So, I guess that means you should start running around in your pajamas or your swimsuit and quit combing your hair! When someone at Wal-mart looks at you funny, just point to Kendi and say, "It was her idea."

Cute haircuts. Gotta love Chels!